and we all are like WTF?

SDCC Interviews/Panels/Videos Masterpost


Basically a list of all of the current OUAT panels, promos, interviews and discussion videos from San Diego Comic Con. I was compiling this list for myself so I thought I may as well share it with you guys in case anyone wants it. I’m going to keep adding to it as new interviews…

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Castle Winter Hiatus Filler → Dreamworld + Closeups

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I was shopping for books on Western…

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Jennifer Morrison attends Entertainment Weekly’s Annual Comic-Con Celebration in San Diego (Jul 26th, 2014)

Fan: How “delicious” it’s been for you playing different sides of Regina?

LP: I love Regina’s arc. She started with this void in her heart - badass Evil Queen - realising her potential to love someone. This someone.

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Castle 7x02 (x)

Aaaaaaaaaaandrew Mmmmarlowe






Dammit, that single sliver of hope and happiness they allowed her (us) before snatching it all away makes it hurt so much worse.

that was probably the point of the whole season so much talk and planning went into this the anticipation was build so high, much like their own anticipation, we felt it with her and so when it came crashing down, so did we right along with her.



If that was what they were going for, well. Mission freaking accomplished.